Thursday, January 15, 2009


Not a post. Just a picture, really.
It's hot, but I love long days, and not having cold toes. Bring it on!

Good times with the kids. HSC finished for No. 1, ???? B Design/Architecture.
She will end up being a photographer, I think - - - ->

BabyG's dad is off the rails, though, and that is taking the gloss off everyone's happiness at the moment. At the right time, this post could be a very long discussion about mental health acts and the rights of the individual, cf. outcomes for families, and long term support for people with mental health problems. We are all surviving, though, just some of us with a little more ease.

Went for a run yesterday in my sandals. Nothing unusual in that. Got a v. sore L heel at the turnaround, stowed the sandals in the stroller basket, finished the run barefoot up the middle of the road, where there are fewer rocks. The heel was better today than it usually would be. Maybe I'll try some barefoot on the grass oval today, if I get a chance.