Monday, November 29, 2010

For Amber, for fun.

Where do you live:
Favorite art: The Heidelberg school (Frederick McCubbin, Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton), my kids' photography, architecture, esp. early 1900s.
Pets: The kids are enough, I don't need anyone else to look after right now. Plus if I can afford to feed a pet, I could be helping to feed someone's starving child with the money.
Favorite neighborhood restaurant: Hah- Dominos pizza on Tuesday nights after athletics training.
Favorite cocktail: Don't drink either, or fizzy drinks (sodas to you). Homemade lemonade that I cheat and colour pink.
Who inspires you: Ooh, toughie. My daughter, for being young and strong in a time when it's difficult for young people to be true to themselves; my ex-husband, for his enormous patience with the children; my baby's dad, for having the courage to face each day even though it will be a struggle all the way; my blogging friends throughout the world, for their thoughts, their views, their experiences, that broaden mine.
Necessary extravagance: Hmm. One perfume, Miracle, that I ration to last 3+ years.
Favorite place in the world: Why do all these quiz questions have to be so absolute? Bangalow, because it's beautiful, and a nice dip into the cultural melting pot of country Australia.

Sew myself from Japanese pattern books; op-shop finds; Country Road if it has to be new.
Jeans: Don't wear them.
Underwear: Undies. What else? This must be a guy quiz question.
Sneakers: Running shoes or Teva sandals.
Watch: Timex Ironman with 50 lap memory.
T-shirt: Plain black, small fit, short sleeves.
Day bag:
Evening bag: Made it myself. See previous post.
Favorite city to shop: Sydney. Kinokuniya, to be more specific.

Bepanthen (baby cream).
Mascara: Eyelash tint every 3 months or so.
Shampoo: Oh, I dunno, um, Clairol Herbal Essences (went to bathroom and looked).
Moisturizer: Something French the ladies from work gave me for my birthday.
Perfume: Miracle (Lancome)
Toothpaste: Macleans Sensitive
Soap: Aldi orange fragrance (in an 8-pack)
Nail-polish color: Never, ever paint them.
Who cuts your hair: Good friend, in the salon where she works.
Who colors your hair: Same.

Amber, I hope you enjoy reading and trying to picture the person behind the answers, as much as I did yours.

Re- The Fog; early parenting is just hard. Harder for some than others - it was hard for me, and still is, with a 3yo, and 3 more in their teens and early 20s. I don't have any advice, except to keep writing, and doing the other things that you love, and that bring meaning to your life, whenever you can fit it in and around all your other roles. Just for fun. And thanks for the quiz.