Sunday, July 20, 2008

Slack again

Nobody blogs anymore. Facebook has taken over the universe. I like the news feed - I can see what all of my 5 friends have been up to, on one handy page. Technology and laziness live together quite happily.

Have been painting. Everything. All at once. There is a curfew on painting, though. Have to stop by 4pm, or the paint I have just put on the walls, wants to slide back off in the night. Have had the last two days off, to do XC, and visit with family and some of my 5 friends.

Have loaned No.3 to my sister for a couple of days. Quite unplanned - he is existing with one pair of undies, some jeans, running shorts with inners, a T-shirt and a jumper. Probably quite happy with that - takes the effort out of getting dressed for the day. They will do domestic bits and pieces today, and he will have the fun of being "the only child" for a couple of days, with his indulgent aunty running the show.

Missed my long run this morning. Woke up, considered whether to go out to the forest, and looked at babyG's sleeping face, with her little lips pushed forward in mock-feeding sucking patterns. I let her sleep. And No.1 too, who was going to ride her mountain bike with me. So we are lazy today, after tearing around the equestrian park yesterday at XC. No.2 has a science project to finish and write up, but he is pretending it's not happening, so it's not happening.

Working tomorrow for a few hours. Totally impractical office location these days - just about impossible for two people and a baby to work together.

I'm tired. Might go and rest somewhere, while babyG naps. Will find some photos and add them later.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Girls Only

BabyG is sleeping, with the older kids also crashed out around her, so no-one has noticed that it's 6.40pm and I haven't started dinner. Been surfing the web, just cosying up this afternoon after XC.

But the real topic of this post is shopping. Took babyG and No.1 out last night, to get some gear for No.1. Problem is, she wears her hair short. This week, almost every day, she has been mistaken for a boy. It isn't bothering her in particular, except to cause her to wonder if she should, in fact, be looking more like a girl in some situations. I am more amazed at the effrontery of the people who are bold enough to comment.

Anyway, we found some lovely stuff for her. Not a small feat, as both of us can walk through the shopping complex and not see much that either of us would ever wear (running gear aside, of course). We found a black silk square-cut camisole top in CR, a beautiful knife-pleat black and brown chiffon skirt with ribbon tie (that will do very nicely for her formal), a plain white peasant blouse with a sporty look to it, a few singlets, a red hood/scarf, and new underwear. We had a great time, babyG was very indulgent to her Bissy, in spite of her headcold, and we spent about 4 hours together. The best bit, was walking to the car, when No. 1 was humming to herself "I feel pretty...". Aah, food for the mummy's soul. Will have to post photos of No.1 modelling her best threads.

Today I ran local XC, and had a resurgence of my old quandry - I don't like to race. Now, the day didn't start very well. BabyG is unwell, and I was tired. Still, we rallied, and went looking for inspirations on how to babyproof our living room. I felt dreadful, but decided to challenge my self by running XC anyway. Went along, to see the mummy who had been relegated to 2nd place when I ran a few weeks ago (my first XC of the season, while she has been happily winning prior to that), line up alongside me at the back. She took off at the start, and I didn't think about her again until I drew past her after maybe a k or so, as I ran through the pack. She proceeded to struggle along at my right shoulder, making that "hanging on" grunting sound that people make when they run hard. After a k of that, I decided to let her go past me, as having her chuffing away on my shoulder was spoiling my enjoyment of the run, and I was just wishing she would go away and let me run in peace. She didn't really make much ground after that, and finished maybe 5 sec in front of me, and didn't bother to turn and acknowledge me, although I shook hands with the man who finished next to me.

Therein lies my problem. I like to run XC, and I love to run in company with others. But I hate running with people who have made it their mission to beat me. I run, and push myself up the short hills, and try to get the fastest time out of myself, but I want to enjoy it, too. I have run with people, even people I didn't know, and we have helped each other hang on at different times in a run. This is different, there is nothing mutual in it - she sees it as her against me. I was happier to let her go in front, get the victory she was working so hard for, and be left alone to run without the constant reminder of why she was battling along at my shoulder. I suppose I can only hope she or I get a lot fitter, and then I will be free to run without being a part of her struggle. We run for different reasons, that's all.

BTW, dinner is cooking, and baby is awake :-)