Saturday, October 17, 2009

For the CoolRunners

Free Running Stroller

For anyone who wants to try running with a stroller, without spending the dollars. This is a Gerry Zoomer stroller from the USA - not sure when they were made, but the colours (jade green and purple) are very reminiscent of outdoor gear in Canada when we lived there in the mid-90s.

I was given this stroller by a self-confessed stroller enthusiast, when I bought my Mountain Buggy from him second hand.

It has 16" wheels on the back, a 12" wheel on the front. The tyres are only just OK - will need replacing sooner rather than later, but they are easy to source from your local bike store, or even BigW etc. The seat and sunshade are in good condition, the straps are good (5-point harness), it's light and folds in half to stow. It DOES NOT have a foot operated brake - all of this generation of strollers had a strap loop to clip through the spokes on the back wheel, so they can't roll away when you want to park to get the baby out etc. If you use this kind of stroller, you have to be diligent about not letting go, and keeping a tether strap on your wrist. The tether strap isn't on this stroller, but you can make one out of anything, and tie it to the axle or handle as you prefer. I think I have some webbing strap that you can have to make your tether strap.

So, there it is. It is not a flash enough stroller to be worth spending too much getting it to yourself, as you can imagine. But it's a basic stroller, that, judging from the service a similar model gave me when my older kids were young, you could take out for 50km weeks for a long time without too much trouble from it.