Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catch up time

Now babyG, just hold this apple for me...

Gotta be quick here. Things to do. Kiddies are good. Work is putting pressure on me to step out of the mummy role, and back into the office manager role. Kind of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing for them, as far as the baby is concerned. The older children already don't exist to them, and with a little more effort, neither will babyG. To their enormous credit, they have been wonderful to work for. But I no longer fit the neat job description I carved for myself with the last few years of work. I need to renegotiate what I can and cannot do for them, that's all.

Haven't been getting much running in. Haglund's is quite as bad as ever on the right heel, takes a few days of recovery from even the simplest of runs to even contemplate running on it again, always running with a limp now. Oh well. Will toddle on. Managed to hold challenges in sprinting from Jac off until she was about, um, 11, I think it was. Grete will be past me in half that, I think.

Tired and grumpy today. Fortunately only babyG and me here, so no-one is noticing. Except ppl reading the blog, of course :-).

Catch you later.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


A solid week. Getting better, ran 3km this afternoon with babyG, easy enough, Achilles survivable at that pace. Still doing the antibiotics for another week. May go up and run along the flat several times while everyone else gets to run up in the hills on the trail tomorrow.

No. 1 is off all weekend playing Touch again. Apparently they are playing pretty well, and she is trying my revolutionary new method of hydration, called drinking some water. Works a treat, she says. After all this time...

But the really big news is... we went out and bought a Food Processor. Never had such a smick appliance. Pushed baby food through a sieve for all the others. Not this time, baby. Heh-heh. We think we are so cool, we've rearranged the whole kitchen to allow room for the new appliance. And getting stuff like this when your kids are old enough to enjoy learning to use it is, as the ads say, priceless. We made hommous, shredded up some salad stuff. Feels like a cafe up at Bangalow, at our house tonight. And I am playing No. 2's music "I Ka Barra" by Habib Koite and Bamada. I love my kids. How unique and beautiful they all are. Wouldn't be anyone else for quids. Times like this make up for all the hard times and days.

Still have so much to do on the house. Not enough time at home - working hard to keep us going. One day at a time. Older kids' dad is happy and doing well, enjoying girlfriend and the USA, so good times there.

Oop, baby is awake. Playtime for mummies is over. Back again. No. 2 had a go at feeding No. 4. 2QT!

Better go. Masses of housework calling, louder than No. 2's music. CU.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Bit of Everything

Who is running our lives? NSW Touch Association? They didn't consult us when they did their competition timetable, obviously. Any mother could tell you you don't need a 2-day Touch carnival, 2 hours drive away, in the first week of school. Der! F3, am., unfed 3 month old baby, 3 teenage girls and one 10 yo boy along for the ride. And did I mention it was wet? :-) Fined up, the girls played *ahem* a bit below their best, mostly due to a complete lack of training.

Then back into the school week. Kids have been outstanding in their approach to school. Jac has done a prepared essay assessment for HSC Art last Fri, No. 2 is flying along with his work, and very proud of himself. No. 3 is hanging in there - needs more attention and organisation to get his caboose moving, but has been very good.

No. 4 is also good. New party tricks to show off every day. Rolling around on the floor, eating bits of grass, squealing like the girl she is :-).

I have been grieving over what I think is the end of my time as a fast runner. My Achilles / Haglunds is as bad as ever. I could just about cry when I watch people doing 200s, 300s, 400s, and know that I can't join them. My all-time favourite distance to race is 800m, and I might never be able to race it again. Still two legs, two arms, healthy happy bubbies - not so bad, life. Might still be able to do distance, although probably not off-trail - too rough for the tendon. But nothing will be the same fun as running fast.

This is a boring post. Have been sick all weekend - first time in over a year that I've had anything wrong - not even a cold. Getting better now. Will post some pictures, to brighten up the blog.