Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Catch up time

Now babyG, just hold this apple for me...

Gotta be quick here. Things to do. Kiddies are good. Work is putting pressure on me to step out of the mummy role, and back into the office manager role. Kind of an out-of-sight, out-of-mind thing for them, as far as the baby is concerned. The older children already don't exist to them, and with a little more effort, neither will babyG. To their enormous credit, they have been wonderful to work for. But I no longer fit the neat job description I carved for myself with the last few years of work. I need to renegotiate what I can and cannot do for them, that's all.

Haven't been getting much running in. Haglund's is quite as bad as ever on the right heel, takes a few days of recovery from even the simplest of runs to even contemplate running on it again, always running with a limp now. Oh well. Will toddle on. Managed to hold challenges in sprinting from Jac off until she was about, um, 11, I think it was. Grete will be past me in half that, I think.

Tired and grumpy today. Fortunately only babyG and me here, so no-one is noticing. Except ppl reading the blog, of course :-).

Catch you later.


Kiki said...

Hey! I did not notice you were grumpy :-) Running with pain is awful...what is the injury? Grete is so cute! She has really sparkly eyes. Good luck sorting out the work situation....I hope they stay as flexible! It is great they let her come along...haha I do not think I would get much work done ;-)

take care!

Anonymous said...

Baby G is gorgeous, she definitely has your beautiful full lips. Hope everything is going well, and you can managed to find a happy balance at work.