Monday, March 10, 2008

Knivago onyacomputa?

I have to line up to be allowed to use one of the Windows computers these days. Because games and browsing are so much more important than blogging. Well they can pay me back by minding babyG while I quickly put a bit on this blog.

Seems like I have done much watching of running, and v. little running myself. Did a bit of backwards running last week, barefoot on grass, as my heel was too sore to accommodate a shoe. Felt good, didn't stir things up as much as a "traditional" forward run would have. Might have to become a way of life. Maybe one can adapt - bit like the upside down glasses experiments.

Watched the Striders 10k at North Head, and then the 6FT. Spent the time in excellent company with Kit, Bek and babyC, so it was a nice time (and I wish now I'd had the energy to take a pic of the babies together :-(.
It is hard to watch running, when not running, though. I don't think that changes, unless one becomes a mad-keen kayaker, or something.

Managing work OK. Could chuck the whole thing in for 20c. Will have to explore the VPN possibilities. I am too exhausted to keep going. The kiddies continue to do well, but I still do the mummy thing of picking up where they are slack, which leaves very little time for what I need to get through. No. 1 is needing time, having to contemplate what she is doing, where she is headed, and what she wants to do along the way. Day off tomorrow, to do a few things. And while feeding babyG, I have been reading my way through a great book by Sally Sara called "Gogo Mama". A must-read for anyone who doubts the worth of foreign aid projects. How different, and how tough life can be in some countries. Purely by accident of birth - in other respects, these women could be me, and I them.

Sorry this is such a disjointed post. It just is, OK? Maybe I should have called it "Fragments".

As usual, more piccies. Of babyG's first visit with my side of the family :-)

PS. Went for a 4km run this evening while Jac played touch. Ran forwards (!) in my sports sandals, including two laps of the velodrome, anticlockwise - good for the joints in the heel that is worst, mobilising effect. Still good today, but Jac's Achilles is playing up. Genetics.


Katie said...

Hey! We had a great day on Saturday....thanks for the company! Yes we definately should have taken a photo of the bubs time! I feel awful- I do not remember giving you the bunny socks back and I can not find them anywhere!!! I hope you have them otherwise I will get you a replacement :-)

Di said...

wE hAvE THe sOcKS. sEND aLL yOUR bAbY wIPes tO cUbA oR yOU wILL nEvEr sEE thEM aGaIN.

Nah, I picked them up off the table, where you had put them. And anyway, they were Jac's, and she had two pairs. It is enough.

Phew, Sat was exhausting. I did about 7 hours of driving. It was nice to have gone there, and seen so many people I knew do so well. Major work to do at home, though.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jac's Mum,

Your blog just popped up on my google alert.

I'm glad you're enjoying the book ... also glad to hear you're a keen runner.

Best wishes, Sally Sara

Katie said...

Hahaha! Glad to hear the socks are in one piece!!!