Monday, May 26, 2008

Out of steam.

Today I started training my replacement. Think she will turn out OK. Big knowledge gap, but she's clever, interested, industrious, and I told her I look forward to sitting with her in a year and chatting away while she works, with a cup of tea in my hand. That will be nice. Mark the date down. BabyG put in a splendiferous day in her portacot at work. Exhausted after a number of early starts and late finishes - we were up snacking on peaches (mashed for her) at 11 last night, and on the train to Sydney a few hours later.

But at the same time, I am going to have to be one clever mum when I stop working, to make the dollars cover our basic needs. What to cut out, from an already not splashy budget, will take some thinking about. I have lived like that before, and know it isn't much fun, but it seems like the right choice for me. I have worked hard while babyG was little, and she came along everywhere I went, day in and out, and we got seven months work out of the arrangement. It's time for her now. Moments like this, I really notice I'm on my own. I like my life, but it has no failsafe, no outlet, no-one to jump up and down and lament to. What works, and what doesn't work, is all my doing, and all my fault, as it happens.

This all sounds so negative. I am just - out of steam - for the moment. Angry, not at anyone, just at my situation. Not feeling empowered, or emancipated, or hopeful. Just stupid.

TBC. Meanwhile, better not be looking for me at fun runs for a bit. Who knows, though? Might all turn around next week, and have options again.


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