Tuesday, January 4, 2011

On Gardens, Solitude and Photos

Baby waiting patiently for backyard picnic,
having carried the chairs out herself to get things started.

Biss, trying to evade capture,
while doing her Uni subject selections for Semester 1 this year.

The treehouse, having been restored to its correct place in the universe,
after being temporarily displaced by the Christmas tree.

I've come to the conclusion that a picture really does say a thousand words. I watched such a good documentary 6 months or so ago, on 4 photographers, speaking about their own work, how it evolved, what it meant to them. If I find the reference for the docu, I'll insert it here. But I've been musing this morning on how much I love blog posts with photos, from other people's homes, outings, kids, fashions - whatever it pleases them to post, I'm interested.
So, I thought I'd go on a photojournalism stint for a bit, and just capture some of what's going on around me.

There is a bit of a problem with putting this new idea into practice, though. I only use my phone camera. Point, shoot, plug in USB, finished. I don't crop, chop, slice or dice. Or even focus... I used to love the old Ricoh camera, back in the days when cameras used film. I didn't know the name of the things I was manipulating, but I knew how to set it up to take the pictures I wanted. When things went digital, I got left behind. Of course, I can see the wonderful innovation that digital photography is - I could barely afford to develop and print my photos in the old days. And there was that time when I thought there was a roll of film in the camera, but there wasn't...

SO - I guess I'll have to get photography lessons from my kids, and then get on with it. TBC on that.

Christmas Packing Up.

Reindeer Roadkill
(note to Amber - see crumbs on floor;
perfection in housekeeping is only
for those people who don't have better things to do :-) )

Knox, making helpful commentary on my photo composition.

Gardens. Sort of.

Surveying the seedlings by flashlight after a storm; Biss and Somer.

And on solitude. From Youtube. Like the other commenters, I just love this girl's Canadian accent.


Amber said...

Even though these are taken with your phone camera, I must say they are lovely. May you find the time you want to take more! : )

BigLittleWolf said...

Well I love the pics, and seeing others' photos, but I admit that other than books, the output of a few meals, and possibly a light switch, I don't think I show anything of our messy little home, and that's the way it's going to stay.

But I am heartened by your crumbs. And I don't have toddlers! (So what does that say?)


Really do love the pics. Your kids are beautiful.