Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mountain Buggy

For Mountain Buggy enthusiasts. If you can push it, it can go there. No handbrake, though; just a parking brake.


Amber said...

She is precious. Precious. I do enjoy "off-roading" with my littles--that is the joy of jogging strollers.

Jac's Mum said...

Thanks Amber. These are old photos I put up for someone who wanted to see what the particular stroller I use was like, and how it went off-road. I thought the pictures were worth the proverbial thousand words. Along with my evident frustration at trying to get the drink-pack tube sorted out.
Do you have a double stroller? Now that's been a blessing about having your children close in age!

BigLittleWolf said...

So if I could (theoretically) fit into a buggy, would you push me around for a little fresh air?


Looks like fun! I bet she loved it. (I agree with you that it's very handy in some ways when your kids are close in age. My boys are very close in age, and it has been wonderful at every stage.)

kirschkernzeit said...

I really wanted to contact you and say thank you (!) for your kind comments on my blog. They are so very sweet and really make my day! I am still a little bit perplex that you did not give up reading my blog during a this time, because the translator is so bad and the sentences must make hardly any sense to you... an so it flatters me even more to read some words from you from so far away... I am grateful to have such a nice reader and feel encouraged in my writing throug your words. Thank you for this!
I hope, you are fine and enjoying your season down there... must be spring time, am I right?

with love
Bora from Switzerland