Friday, October 19, 2012

A snippet, aka Finding the meaning in pink hair.

The Do is a week and a half old now, and three days into pink-ness.  I have observed quite a few things since going short (and now pink):

- Some people do judge others by their appearance, and treat them accordingly. It would seem that it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a lady with very short hair (now bleached and pink) and black glasses, must be in want of a wife (Jane Austen, and my gay friends, forgive me.  And in a way, I'm loving the raised eyebrows, in solidarity).

- However, the people who matter, don't judge by appearances.  Even if they don't like or don't understand what they see.  They find it within themselves to be accepting, kind, stalwart, empathising, encouraging - and it doesn't seem to require any extra effort on their parts.

That had me reflecting, on what a simple, but enormously generous gift someone gives you, when they treat you well, regardless of your situation in life.  Acceptance, respect, gestures of kindness, can be so uplifting, they can remove the sting of much awfulness, the pain of much discouragement and difficulty.  When I think back on the times when I have been the recipient of someone's thoughtfulness, empathy and recognition, it's the essence of those moments that stays with me.  Even if it's only a well-timed smile, or the sharing of a story, it makes such a difference in the richness of life.  I need to know more about kindness.  I can feel a new reading project coming on...

In other trivial moments, No. 1 daughter and I were discussing what I should do next, with the Do.  She suggested topiary.

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BigLittleWolf said...

I think you skip the topiary, and go with changing out colors when you feel like it. You also have an opportunity for fun and funky hats.

And you tell your story. Which is a a story of love and generosity. And, as you express here, discovery.