Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just for fun (aka Where Are My Shoes?)

I have a wedding to attend :-). Of friends I have made through running. I wonder if any of us have seen each other not red-faced, sweaty and dressed in shorts and singlets? And it's only through judicious op-shopping and sewing, combined with a bit of hit-and-miss eBaying, that I have anything much else to wear.

So, what will I wear? I like a fashion blog by this mummy. So following her style, I'll offer up my compositions so far. Actually, I've only come up with two outfits, but I have some other skirt options I can substitute for the rather short and wide cream one from eBay. One is a navy straight skirt that is part of my work suit - very plain but good tailoring. The other, a dark grey A-line with pintuck pleats. I still have to get the boys to crawl up into the roof space storage to get my two or three pairs of heels down for inspection (sorry BLW, such sacrilege, I know). Also shows about how often I go out in company, doesn't it...

The navy dress is a bit of a sack, but it is very comfortable, and not as short as I thought it was going to be.


BigLittleWolf said...

Two or three pairs of heels ONLY???

Be still my thundering (with shock) heart. But you look mahvellous! (Ok, ok, it's from an old American comedy show.)

But you do look marvelous! And your house is so clean. (Dear me, another gray hair in embarrassment.)

Now, I realize you aren't of the Lilliputian persuasion, but should I Fedex some footwear to you ASAP? Can you fit your foot into a 5 and a half or a 6?

Meanwhile - I think you need this post! (Not shameless promotion, but do peruse for ideas...)

Jac's Mum said...

*cough* 8 and a half *cough*, the house is not clean - well, sort of clean, but always messy. And now I'm off to read what I need to know about shoes :-)

BigLittleWolf said...

Damn. And I found the PERFECT navy stiletto strappy sandals in the back of my closet. Size 6.

And your place looks clean to me! (My house is a storage bin. Every time I make progress, I blink and my teenager absorbs the organized spot.)

So which dress is it? Shall we go shoe shopping? Going to be in my neighborhood? :)

Jac's Mum said...

Oh, I love the silver shoes with the zip on the post you linked me to! I remember reading that post, too. Somehow I don't speak the language of 'shoe' like my fellow women - I can see the clothes on the runway, and the fabric, the construction, the layering - I can understand all of it. But the accessories just squeak hopefully at me, and then move on when they realise I can't hear what they are trying to tell me.

So in the edited post, I have pictured my shoes, and a newly proposed outfit. *sigh* It's a work skirt I made, from a remnant, using a Japanese apron pattern. Hard to feel glamorous at a wedding in a work skirt, I'm afraid, but it does tone in nicely with THE SHOES.

But I'm up for a trip to Bloomingdales, to begin my education - Shoe Recognition and Appreciation 101. Will let you know when I'm going to be in town :-). Oh, that would be nice to be able to do.

BigLittleWolf said...


You made my day!

OK. The shoes look great with the skirt! (Nice skirt.) However, would you consider some brightly colored toes? But even more importantly, you need to accessorize!

Now, for more fashion fun (okay, fun for me, perhaps tedious for you...) - stop by here for Lesson 1 ( though I suspect what you really need is Lesson 4 ( though you could go purely for the scarf (Lesson 3).

So what are the accessory choices available? (And what's the weather like?)

Jac's Mum said...



(I've collapsed over the keyboard)

Will get back to you when I've recovered from total immersion in accessories. I have no clue when it comes to shoes... jewellery... belts... scarves... handbags...
I stopped by an op-shop on the way home from baby's swim class, let her plunder the toys while I tried the shoes. I learned that I like silver shoes, but as to heel style/height/toe shape/strappiness or lack of, I'm only qualified to say what is comfortable. For all I know, I could be donning the rejects from Priscilla Queen of the Desert. You get the idea.

But, when I get back from the next lot of errands, I will get my fabulous 13 yo photographer, on his sister's old Fuji, to do an inventory of my accessoires, and we will go from there. Probably won't take long, as there aren't many :-).

BigLittleWolf said...

And will we get pics of the winning outfit (including footwear?) - inquiring minds want to know. . .

Jac's Mum said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

It's turned cold here (I could give you a temperature but would have to Google the conversion to Fahrenheit). So I'm revising based on the probable need to wear - ? a wrap (I only have one, pictured in the edited post); ? a cardigan ( I have a fine grey wool one); or my suit jacket (that goes with the straight navy skirt, and makes me look like a real estate agent). So, I've moved out of the brown/neutral palette, into the cool neutral palette - grey, silver, navy. *sigh* Thought I might bundle baby up and go to the department store to look at the shoes (there's a sale on), and then maybe come home and make a little rectangular pouch on a string for a bag.
THOUGHTS????? Wish you were here - I'm sure you could make a fantastic outfit out of my closet contents - I know it's just my lack of experience - I can dress for work, but that's about as much as I've learned so far. Love having someone from oh-so-many km away sorting through the possibilities with me, though. Is this your first international fashion consult for a private client? Forget the personal shoppers - I've got the real deal on my blog!
One more option, is to go to the fabric store and buy a length of fabric, and zip up another of the Japanese apron skirts, in a finer fabric, and do a bag with the leftover and some raw silk etc. ?

BigLittleWolf said...

The grey and silver is FAB FAB FAB on you, Jac's Mum! (And I love the purse.)

Yes, you need shoe shopping. (I know, I know, we need a shoe shopping date. Or a virtual shoe shopping date.)

Oh, would you be fun to dress! You look like you could wear anything! And look great in it! (And you really need a bit of a heel to show off your amazing legs.)

Now you really must start reading the incredible Tish Jett's French fashion and style blog. She writes from outside Paris (the time differences will be truly crazy - she's 6 hours ahead of me, and I've yet to figure out the time difference between your place and mine).

But go to - and even if you page through the images, you'll see absolutely classic, elegant, gorgeous neutrals, and plenty of ideas on how to wear and pair.

And read Tish. She's also funny as hell!