Monday, September 6, 2010

Part 2...?

Oh. Knowledge gap on uploading pictures to Blogger identified. Post now, fiddle later.

So, piles of fabric, with two projects in mind. A-line top/dress for babyG; and bloomers for my nephew/niece, still under construction. The nephew/niece, I mean. As well as the bloomers. Inspired by this.

And while I was looking at Katy's pages, visited her sister Jordan's blog. Read and photo-ed my way backwards through Jordan's summer with her family. And then posted her a comment through my tears for her beautiful family times, and my own sometimes fractured ones. But sadly, I used too many words for a "comment", and Blogger couldn't upload it. Funny, it wasn't that long. Anyway, maybe one day I'll find the words or their close cousins, and send her another message to tell her how much I enjoyed my visit with a family from another time zone and place, that is otherwise a bit like mine.


BigLittleWolf said...

Confession time. (You won't expect this one.) I adore fabric. My mother sewed her clothes and mine, when I was a child. And in college, I took up hand quilting, which I continued to do fairly regularly for about 20 years.

I haven't actually worked on piecing a quilt in about 6 years. It's incredibly soothing and de-stressing. Something about the patterns, the sensation of the fabric, the colors, the repetitive motions of the hands. And you're creating something.

Looking at your pics of fabric has me a bit moony to dig out some of my remnants tucked away. And a needle, thread, and thimble...

Jac's Mum said...

Well, there are confessions to make on my side as well. Most often, I will get my fabric out, consider what I might make out of some of the pieces, and then put it all away again, for a future time unknown, when I might get the chance to make something.

I like quilting, but for the actual quilting process. The small projects I've done (cushions, baby quilt) were whole cloth quilts. I don't think I'm (oh dear, was going to say 'cut out') for pieced quilting. It's the colours and the geometry - I can't keep it all together as an image in my head.