Saturday, January 12, 2008

Post No. 2

I think this blogging is going to have to be a weekly thing, because while I can easily browse through the blogs of folks I know during the week, doing 25+ hours a week working with baby, plus a 3hr commute every day, plus doing a run every day if there's time and baby is willing, plus keeping up with 3 older kids and house, leaves very little mental capacity for blogging. Plus I am webmistress for someone else's blog, who doesn't have a computer to post on. You get the picture.

No worldly reflections to post this week. Did a few timed runs this week, but other than that, didn't have much time to train. 3k TT on track on Tues pm 13'22" - moderate effort. 2.5min to grapple back to form in that one. Followed that 5mins later with an 800m run with old training partner, who must have been falling over his feet to run slow enough to keep me company - 3'22" - easy effort. One minute to get back to PB shape. Today did 1500m on track - 6.16 - moderate effort, 1min 10 to get back into shape. I had to laugh at myself - went through 300m in 72s - can do 400m repeats in that normally. Never mind. But it was FUN. And I haven't had enough time to run, to flare up my achilles much, so I could enjoy it that much more, through not being in pain.

Is this boring? Sorry. Just going back over it in my mind. I never intended this blog to be one of my greatest literary efforts.

OK, going to do a bit of housework. Majorly overdue. Place is like a tip. Too many people, one crowded house.

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KIT said...

your first paragraph made me tired reading it!!! Haha I still maintain that you are organised.....even if it feels like chaos!
Thanks for your comments....I agree it will feel like a breeze when she is better :-)

PS I would like your times :-)